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Live Events Icon  Streaming Live + Interactive Events

How to stream over the internet, bring in multiple remote interactive origination sites and do fantastic presentations on a budget that works for any event.  Small Weddings or Family Gatherings to the largest corporate or educational event.  Perinata Streaming + Interactive Events can capture and stream High Quality audio and video from multiple locations to desktops, mobile devices up to and including cinema theatres or large auditorium screens - all in stunning High definition.  Learn More...


Telepresence Icon True Business-Class Telepresence

Now, here's how to lower your collaboration and travel costs.  Engage and build relationships with your clients,  HD Videoconferencing services with access to any device on any internet connection, including legacy videoconference rooms. Videoconference with confidence with someone in an airport on their iPad or Android. Add all of your conferees on any platform into the conference at once with full interactivity with reliable, low-latency connections that do not drop.     Learn More...


Path2Media Logo Path2media Logo Tuneries

Coming soon!!  The cloud-based  platform for delivering omni-channel value to businesses globally.  Advertisers, engage your audience with consistent messaging across several channels.  One message - Multiple channels.  Simple - Powerful - Econmoical.   Setup different schedules for delivering Tuneries based on target audience.

Broadcast Icon Multi-Site Remote Solutions Over the Public Internet for Broadcast

Want simple remote connections at reasonable bandwidth with high quality and multisite connectivity.  Impossible? - not really.  Remote feeds, government reports, live on the scene, live on the go in a car or van, High definition videos with simple setup and H.264SVC reliability.  Multiple streams on screen at one time, with low-latency and high quality.  Perinata Broadcast HDAnywhere gives you the flexibility to bring in Citizen Journalist cell phone video at the same time you have 2 or more remote experts or locations on air at the same time via H264SVC.  Learn More...



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